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Address:Guangdong province shenzhen baoan district rock in industrial area A1 building storm
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  Shenzhen Shantai Photoelectric Co., Ltd. established in 2008 , is located in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone , elegant environment and convenient transportation. Is LED advertising sign lighting and LED lights with lighting R & D , production , sales and service of high-tech enterprises , is one of China's advertising logo LED lighting and LED lights with lighting industry domestic first-class manufacturers.
  Company plant area of 5,500 square meters, existing staff of 220 people, 13 people R & D team . Professional production for advertising plastic characters, solid light, resin word , punching words , a variety of products such as LED light box advertising light modules and lights, the output value of 8 million yuan or so. The company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification , access to the national high-tech enterprise , Shenzhen High-Tech Enterprise status , won the 2012 China LED lighting applications hundred enterprises title. 2012 logo lighting flexible led lighting industry standard reports . Shenzhen LED Industry Association member units, CSA National Semiconductor Lighting Project R & D and Industry Alliance member units.
  The company has a full clean production workshop, a hundred percent of all employees radiation , anti-static treatment to ensure that all LED modules from static electricity , from dust damage ; automated SMD production process ( including the automatic high-speed placement machine , the whole automatic irrigation machines , automatic baking dehumidification process ) to ensure that all LED modules craft perfect , excellent quality ; automatic vacuum machine for all LED products for all vacuum treatment, prevention of all products in storage and transit of LED products oxide and sulfide occurred. Engineering one hundred kinds of acrylic sheet and LED light source module with real , to provide customers with the best light transmission , color purer best products ; large integrating sphere actual test each module brightness , angle , color temperature , color rendering index , current, voltage and other technical parameters of indicators to ensure that the full range of each module to meet customer demand ; high and low temperature test equipment , salt spray test machine, rain tester , dryer , all products are tested to ensure that all LED modules products can be able to work in a variety of environments using normal ; vibration tester and automatic drop instruments, static tester , to prevent damage to the outside world by the product less ; large brush paste machine, large automatic SMT placement machine , reflow , dispenser , baking line , ensure timely delivery .
  Company benefited from the support of upstream suppliers , the company's products all the chips used in all CREE, HP, Osram ,, GE, Seoul Semiconductor , Epistar , Kellett and other international brands ; data obtained through laboratory testing , the product 3 Nianguang decline controlled within 20% ; fire retardant products using all- aluminum plate glass or half- glass plate, which greatly limits the plate to avoid oxidation and corrosion of LED products , both for itself and for maintaining pressure . drop equilibrium ; copper wire used in all international standards for production of wire , wire to ensure that current and voltage losses ; shell is made of shell used in all anti- UV, anti-static , anti-UV fire retardant casing, to ensure consistent quality .
  Promote energy conservation in the global low-carbon era, the company responded positively to the call of the national "five " emission reduction policy , dedicated to develop more secure , energy-saving , environmental protection, high-quality LED lighting and light advertising signs with lighting products, to promote wide application in LED advertising signs and light boxes lighting industry , and create more value for everyone . Together with our partners , to jointly promote the development of the world energy conservation cause, to fulfill " the Earth is also a green " social responsibility.
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Address:Guangdong province shenzhen baoan district rock in industrial area A1 building storm TEL:0760-88757991 FAX:0755-85295661